Month 1: Ready, set, goal!

A few weeks ago, I was watching Tony Robbins on how to set goals and achieve them, and one of the key takeaways I got was, to become successful you have to make goals, especially if you have ADHD; you have to know what you love, what you want out of it, and base your life around that.  

Every morning, I wake up at six and pour myself a cup of coffee, spend five minutes scribbling notes on a pad of paper, then flip over my laptop and type away till eight. Even when I don’t feel like it, I write, even if it’s just one sentence a day. I do my best to come up with at least two blog posts a week, and enrolled myself in an SEO class. One of my goals is to become a successful writer. My daily routine is directed towards achieving that goal.

Before goal-setting, I felt directionless. I just quit the company I started after spending three years there, and moved to an advertising job, but I still felt lost. Even in my new job, I would still look at online job portals for openings, and my days felt scrambled. Grinding out the nine to seven, skipping gym days, and feeling unfulfilled, I was felt tired, and stuck in a monotonous routine.

Colorized footage of me at work

One lazy afternoon at work, I was going through some rank and file tasks; and when I do those kinds of tasks, I listen to videos or podcasts for a daily dose of inspiration. I stumbled upon Tony Robbins talk about the importance of goal-setting, and when I got home, I pulled out my notebook and started planning for the life I want to live.

I made a three-year, five-year, and ten-year goal, for the life that I want. Breaking them down gives me a clearer understanding of key milestones. For now, I’m sharing my three year goal.

Now, about those goals…

I made goals I want to accomplish 3 years from now. There are:

  • To be writing professionally for the self-help and travel industry
  • Become an SEO expert
  • Start my masters programme
  • Become fluent in stocks trading
  • Become active in the special learning needs advocacy

For the past three weeks, I’ve been waking up at six in the morning to write. I make sure to write everyday. I started The Outsider’s Catalog as a personal blog for my writing, and I’m looking to make something out of it. Just recently, I enrolled in a basic SEO class, and set up a mutual funds account to get oriented on stocks. My dad recommended me to start with mutual funds, to get a better understanding on the stock market. I’m hoping to get the opportunity to speak in a special learning needs talk again. I was invited last month to speak at my old college about ADHD, unfortunately, the timing wasn’t right.

How you feel after you realise you’re working towards your goals

When you do goal-setting, you’re given this sense of accountability to fulfil them. So I’ll be updating this blog every month, so we can see where I am on the progress. And so I can be crucified if I end up doing nothing.

I’ll be migrating this to a permanent host by next month, and I’m really excited to move on this next step of the blog. I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of this blog, and will be announcing the next phase of this very soon.

Note: I’ve hosted the blog on the permanent

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