A serial daydreamer’s catalog of  ADHD, life, love, and growing up. 


Hi! I’m Carlos, and I’m the outsider in “The Outsider’s Catalog”.

The Outsider’s Catalog is a journal of sorts, about my adventures and exploring the beautiful places I go to, and my advocacy on how it’s like living with ADHD.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been daydreaming. I’m the OG of daydreaming! When I was in school, a normal day would go like this– the teacher’s lecturing on the board, and classmates would be pointing and laughing at that weird guy doodling at the back. That weird guy was me.

But you know what? The joke was on them! Because, while they were talking about normal boring stuff 10-12 year olds talk about, I was living a weird Star Wars-Harry Potter mash-up in my head. Blasting Darth Vader in the far-flung reaches of outer space, while doing magic was totally my thing and not loser-ish at all (*cough* maybe it was *cough*). But whether it was loser-ish or not is besides the point, making stories was fun for me; it was an escape into the cool, and unknown.

Naturally, I got into writing. It gave me an avenue to express myself and allowed me to paint a picture of what was going on inside my head.

Very recently, I’ve decided to channel my creative juices into this blog.

My blog talks about living with with ADHD; the stories of my everyday experiences, and presenting a narrative from someone trying to make it in a society that still has a rough understanding on mental and cognitive differences. I do my best to give tips that will help people who have ADHD succeed in life.

Another thing I share on this blog are my travels. Traveling is an amazing experience and is the perfect tonic to the wandering mind. A lot of my best life decisions have come after traveling. The “Eat Pray Love” girl was right! Traveling is life-changing.

What I learned in writing, and my brief stint in the college debate team is to look at things from different lenses. I’ve spent my whole life trying to bridge a gap between myself and other people, and I’ve noticed, that many of us have the same struggle; that is to get on the same wave length of understanding. To be able to find experiences, such as traveling, that bring people together; and open different perspectives in the lives of others; this is why I write.